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John Stossel on privatization of airport security

I’m sure the terrorists are recruiting 3 year olds:

TSA makes a 3 year old cry.

Who did they ask?!  Did they ask you?

The TSA want to pack heat!?


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I love what the crew at THE LIBERTY CARD are doing… Instead of renaming silent, tell the official who is questioning you that you are aware of your 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment rights and in fact invoke them by simply referencing the bill of rights with a simple card you carry in your wallet. Personally, my family and I never leave our homes without one. Be your own advocate for the freedoms guaranteed to you by our founding fathers!

liserty card

These are high quality laminated reference guides that fit in your wallet like a credit card.  Displaying the card will remind of your rights and tell the official that you have invoked them.  This $6.00 item will help you to stay calm during any interaction with any government official, raises awareness of our rights as citizens of this great country and helps us support and promote our site for the enjoyment of civic minded readers like you!!

Order yours today!!

Fuck the TSA

Gee I sure hope the bad guys go through the xray machine…

Doesn’t anyone in government understand the bad guys don’t line up like sheep to have their rights violated. The only ones getting caught are law abiding citizens.


…..or not….

A bit long but the author does a great job with the notes and references. Excellent example of what an informed public can accomplish.

TSA agent compares the United States of America to Israel

Did the agent forget what country they were serving?

TSA=tolerated sexual assault

Good play on words… Even better forum of liberty minded individuals. Keep doing what you do guys!

TSA looses a passenger’s laptop and blames the passsenger for opting for alternative screening

Is anything their fault?


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